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We Like to Score: Who Listens to the Watchmen?

HBO is set to release a new Watchmen series for the Fall 2019 season. From the trailer it is a little difficult to get a sense of this being the next prestige series, or if it will prove to be one of HBO’s misfire. The hope certainly is that it comes close to the quality and impact of the 1986/87 comic series, however a high bar that may be. Showrunner Damon Lindelof (Lost, The Leftovers) is seeks to side step many of the traps inherent with adapting a beloved book for the screen by creating a new narrative set in the Watchmen universe rather than trying to carbon copy over the story to a different medium. This is a similar approach to the material as that of Amazon Prime with The Man in the High Castle. The results there have been reasonably, so hopes are high at this point. This tactic should help Watchmen avoid the not-faithful/too-faithful invectives of greasy fanboys.

Personally, I would more than satisfied to move past the middle-weight paint by numbers replica of the 2009 theatrical release directed by Zack Snyder, who is to comic books what Uwe Boll is to video games.

Picture: the auteur of marginally passable comic movies

Picture: the auteur of marginally passable comic movies

Among the elements that Snyder Ikea’d together in his slack-ass adaptation, you may have guessed that the soundtrack is one of them in my opinion. As such, I am taking the occasion of HBO’s upcoming series as an opportunity to revisit the original idea of episode 1, and fixing the poser playlist that is the Watchmen Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. May God have mercy on Zack Snyder, for I will not.

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